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Open Source Technology has always acted as a pragmatic symbol for Dotsquares development model. Since its inception Dotsquares has established its verticals in connection to Open Source Technologies like PHP, Java and other popular open source technologies.

We don’t just provide you with eCommerce, we give you full marketing support, custom modules and more to ensure a successful sale. There’s a reason why so many web professionals choose ExpressionEngine; it allows them to provide impeccable web solutions for their clients and provide a launchpad for success on the web. As designers and developers, we’re a picky bunch, and we love ExpressionEngine because it doesn’t force us to work a certain way or impose limitations on site design, structure, or content. Its more flexible than an olympic gymnast and this flexibility allows us to build a website that not only meets your current needs to support this year’s strategy, but will scale as your business soars into the future.

Here’s a high-level list of reasons to love ExpressionEngine:

  • Web Publishing: ExpressionEngine’s publishing features are broad, comprehensive, and highly flexible.
  • Commenting: ExpressionEngine’s user commenting system lets your community participate in the discussion.
  • Typography: ExpressionEngine has sophisticated typography tools – perfect for the writer on your team.
  • Tracking: Keep track of what’s happening on your site including most viewed and commented posts.
  • Template Engine: The template engine permits you to build dynamic, content driven websites using simple, yet powerful, tags.
  • Communications: ExpressionEngine lets you manage your mailing lists and send email in a variety of ways.
  • Search: ExpressionEngine has a powerful search engine and query tools.)
  • Spam Deterrents: No other publishing platform gives you as many tools to prevent comment and trackback spam as ExpressionEngine.
  • Utilities: ExpressionEngine’s powerful utilities help you manage your site.
  • Add-Ons: ExpressionEngine comes with 22 add-on modules and over 100 plugins.
  • Member Management: Building a community has never been easier with ExpressionEngine’s robust and flexible membership capability.
  • Data Caching: ExpressionEngine’s data caching features allow you to reduce your server load while retaining all the benefits of dynamically generated information.
  • Security: ExpressionEngine has the most comprehensive suite of security features of any publishing platform on the market.