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Modx is a free, open source content management system and web application framework for publishing content on the world wide web and intranets.


Safe & Secure- MODX takes security quite seriously. In fact, the entire architecture of MODX Revolution was created with security in mind. Every input is filtered, and every database query using the API occurs via prepared statements which eliminates the possibility of SQL injection compromises. And the team rigorously and continuously audits MODX to make sure we’re up to date and patching any new issues that may arise.

Boardroom Friendly- MODX powers hundreds of thousands of websites. This is thanks mostly to adoption by our loyal army of geeks who’ve downloaded MODX software more than 1,000,000 times and that participate in its ongoing development and our Community. Now there is also a company that backs up MODX and stands behind the software with SLA-driven Commercial Support. That means website owners not only enjoy the benefits of a thriving Open Source product, but they also can rely on the insurance of a company standing behind MODX when needed.

Total Creative freedom- There are no systems comparable to MODX when it comes to creating robust sites, exactly how you want them to look, with zero creative restrictions. MODX thinks the site building tool should fit your creative vision, not impose restrictions and force compromises.

Unparalleled Search Engine Optimization- MODX allows you to control 100% of what is output with virtually no effort. Unlike other systems that require learning complex theming engines, in MODX you work with HTML and as many custom variables for the site you need. It takes minutes to build a site that performs amazingly well in Search Engines and because site builders are in total control and can change the output at any time, making tweaks is just a few clicks away.

Install How You Want- Where You Wish- Flexible setup allows for 100% custom deployments. Install the core outside of web root and with custom folder names for added security, or support multiple MODX websites from a single set of files.

Install Add-ons from within the App- The MODX Transport Package system allows site administrators to install, upgrade and migrate Content, Templates, Add-ons or even complete websites without having to worry about dependencies or missing steps. All from a simple interface inside the MODX Manager that pulls remotely from the MODX website.

New Manager with Built – in Customization- A fresh new interface built using the MODX API and driven by a custom implementation of ExtJS by Sencha gives MODX developers the ability to quickly develop custom interfaces and Add-ons. Developers can build sites that show only the fields and menu items needed for daily content users.

Enterprise-class Security, User Model & Authentication – Attribute Based Access Control lists (ABAC) gives site administrators granular control over every aspect of MODX Revolutions websites. Authentication can occur via the built in user system, Active Directory, LDAP, OpenID or virtually any other system that can use the MODX API.

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