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phpFox is a social network software that gives you the ability to create a unique community that includes many of the features found on sites like Facebook and MySpace.


Apps – v3 introduces an awesome feature that allows other developers to easily create apps without the need of actually accessing your server. Apps are stored on a 3rd party server allowing for easy updates.

No Encryption – You may view and edit the source code of the software as you please so you can build onto an already powerful product.

Monetize – Monetizing a social network doesn’t have to be hard and we make sure you have the right tools to get things started from ad campaigns, user based ads, membership plans, sponsored items and ability to sell marketplace listings.

Mobile – The web has gone mobile and so have we. We have included a default mobile theme with our product, which will allow all mobile devices to easily browse your site without all that extra data saving your users time and money.

Single Sign-On- One of the most important tools for your community is allowing your users to easily create an account on your site. The best way to accomplish this is using our single sign-on feature, which provides the ability for your users to use their Facebook, Twitter, Google, OpenID and more to login to your site.

Scalability – Once your community grows and you need to start using several servers to power it, don’t worry; we got you covered. With phpFox we include the ability to store items uploaded to your servers on Amazon S3servers for guaranteed availability as well as use Memcached technology to cache data in memory instead of on your server. In addition to all that we also include support for MySQL Database Replication, which allows you spread your database across several servers for an optimized and load balanced environment.

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