Application Development



Apps developed for Iphone/iPad, Windows & Android. Whatever your requirement, we can design, build, register and upload it to the relevant store for you.


We have a full range of test devices to ensure that what we develop works on the widest range of devices possible.

Ongoing Development

By constantly monitoring market trends and technological advances, we can advise clients on what to do next with their Apps, or even develop new ones.

Why Dotsquares?

Business Understanding

Before venturing into any new project, we ensure that all our due-diligence is done so that ‘going off on a tangent’ never happens, keeping the process as streamlined as possible.

Wire-framing & Prototyping

Many agencies do this as a compulsory part of their development policy. We look at his stage from a budgetary point of view. For example, with smaller budgets, clients get more for money with this area of the process reduced. Everything is tailored to your needs.


By constantly monitoring established technologies, we remain up to date on new developments, and adhere to such, ensuring that what we develop is up to the very latest versions. We also keep our eyes on emerging technologies, so that when they come to market as an established product, we are ready to hit the ground running.

Dedicated Teams & Roles

As in any business, cross-team collaboration is essential, but with Dotsquares, that is as far as it goes. All our staff are experts in their field, so you will never have, for example, a designer doing proof-reading, or a developer doing User Interface Testing, it is all about specialism.