Business Analysis / Progression Recommendation

If you are unsure of how to progress with your requirements, we have dedicated business analysts who are able to look into the workings of your business and industry sector, and recommend how best to maximize your web presence, and how to make the solution work best for you. Once this is done, we also like to liaise with clients and advise them on what is to be done next in order for them to maximize their potential on the on-line arena.

Many clients come to us with detailed knowledge of what they want to achieve, but may not necessarily know how to apply this from an on-line point of view. We can easily take this knowledge and either amend content, or take bullet-pointed headings and write the content for you.

If you have ideas of what you would like to do, we can arrange this into phases, and plan them effectively so that the items which are likely to generate more business, are outlined, and then developed first. This allows clients to easily generate the income needed to cover the costs involved, reducing the pressure on cash-flow.