Product Development


Products Developed from ‘scratch’

Unlike many agencies, we do not buy in ‘off-the-shelf’ products to then modify. All of our products are developed by us to ensure that they do exactly what our clients want.


We are able to fully test your existing products from various angles to establish where there is room for improvement. All newly developed solutions are fully tested in-house before being released for client-based testing.


We offer a wide range of support & maintenance contracts, each of which can be entirely tailored to your needs.

Why Dotsquares?

Product Mindset

Before we action any work, we strive to fully understand what is needed, and often advise as to what is best, so as to ensure a perfect marriage between your needs and our products.


Daily updates are provided through our online tools to ensure clients know what has been done, and what is left to do.

Knowledge Base

With over 300 experts in their respective fields, we can accommodate your needs, no matter how complex.

Time Overlap

Due to the geographical location of our centres in India, our clients and our project managers have over 7 hours of overlap time in which to communicate. Many off-shore agencies manage barely 2 hours.

Dotsquares Team