Becextech : Improved user experience for a leading tech retailer

The project aimed to enhance the user experience by displaying configurable product options on the product details page, allowing pre-selection based on conditions, optimising pricing accuracy, and integrating seamlessly with Google feeds and third-party services for a comprehensive solution.

The Client

BecexTech has become a global tech destination, serving over a million customers in electronics and gadgets industry. Beyond business, their mission is to make a global impact. Whether in bustling cities or quiet towns, they provide high-quality electronics at affordable prices, promoting wise spending. With 15 years of innovation, their reach spans the globe, ensuring competitive prices and a seamless shopping experience. BecexTech transcends being just an online store; it serves as a curator of aspirations, offering a diverse range of products, from unlocked mobile phones to renowned brands like Apple and Samsung. Explore a realm of possibilities on their user-friendly website, designed for secure and convenient shopping. Their commitment to continuous evolution establishes BecexTech as your destination for exceptional value, reliable service, and cutting-edge electronics. Step into the BecexTech narrative, where your adventure of possibilities begins now.

The Challenge

  • Balancing the integration of complex product configurations into a simplified layout without overwhelming the user.
  • Maintaining consistency across various products and configurations to provide a unified user experience.
  • Handling various conditions that influence pre-selections, ensuring accurate representation of options, and maintaining flexibility for future changes.
  • Managing complex pricing structures, integrating with existing systems, and ensuring accuracy in displaying total prices with selected options.
  • Meeting Google's specific feed requirements, managing product attributes, and ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for optimal performance in Google Shopping.
  • Ensuring compatibility with diverse third-party systems, managing data synchronisation, and maintaining security standards during integration.

The Solution

Through collaboration, Dotsquares has successfully helped BecexTech to improve its online presence and user journey to deliver an efficient and seamless experience.

We introduced a user-friendly interface that dynamically adapts to diverse product options, guaranteeing an intuitive and clear representation on the simple product details page. Accompanying this, a robust logic system was implemented, taking into account multiple conditions to automatically pre-select configurable options, thereby delivering a personalised and efficient shopping experience. Furthermore, our team integrated a dynamic pricing system that accurately calculates and displays option prices, considering various factors, seamlessly aligning with the overall pricing structure. To amplify visibility and performance on Google Shopping, we customised product data feeds according to Google's specifications. Lastly, we fortified the website with robust APIs and integration protocols, ensuring a seamless exchange of data with various third-party services while upholding stringent security and reliability standards.

The Results

In this project, we've achieved great success in various areas, enhancing the platform's overall effectiveness. Firstly, we implemented specific SEO strategies that significantly improved the platform's visibility on search engines. We also introduced an automated system that suggests low-price options, which has greatly reduced the time customers spend searching, enhancing their experience.

Furthermore, our dynamic pricing system accurately calculates and displays prices, considering different factors. This promotes clear pricing and fits well with the overall pricing structure, building trust with users. By sending custom data to Google Feed, we've managed to highlight better options for the audience, increasing both visibility and relevance in search results.

API integration has been crucial in allowing smooth information flow between different systems, providing insights into customer purchasing patterns. This information is invaluable for making informed decisions, enabling the platform to more effectively cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

Overall, this project has led to substantial improvements in SEO, user experience, pricing transparency, visibility, and data-driven decision-making.



Location: USA

Industry: Retail, Product, & Ecommerce

Duration : 2 Years 

Development: Offshore Development


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