Intuitive booking portal for an established worldwide travel provider

Travel Booking Portal

Utilising technology for seamless travel management.

  • Client: Travelling Web Ltd
  • Based: UK & US
  • Industry: Travel
  • Project Duration: 2011 - 2020
  • Development Model: Developer/Designer Only
Travel Booking Portal

A background on Travelling Web...

Travelling Web is a widespread travel agency that has a variety of networks and platforms with locations in the UK and US. The company offer their clients a wide variety of accommodation, with over 35,000 locations to choose from.

Their teams specialise in providing quality, cost-effective holiday rentals of all specifications, listing everything from self-catering homes, condos, townhouses and apart-hotels, as well as a large selection of traditional hotels.

“Understanding and patient, they are innovative and capable. Although our business is complex and convoluted, they have remained professional and patient with us during this difficult process. The results we are getting so far will transform our business in a dramatic way.”

Trevor Scott Travelling Web

Travelling Web

Why did the client come to Dotsquares?

Travelling Web is the parent brand for a large networks of travel agencies across US and UK with listings in remote areas to provide hospitality solutions to its clients.

They approached Dotsquares wanting to create an intuitive hotel directory with a selection of recognised hospitality brands and stunning independent hotels across many destinations worldwide. Not only did they want a directory to streamline their internal processes, but they also required a backend portal manage hotel bookings.

As the business continues to thrive, Travelling Web are in discussions with our team for future plans to expand the business by creating further online booking portals.

Technology Used


Development Result

We delivered a modern and interactive B2B mobile responsive website for travel agents to present enticing hospitality solutions across UK and US based destinations for their customers.

Affiliate travel agents can view the top-selling and most popular hotels and villas in different locations. Gaining access to the website allows them to view various budget-friendly hotel packages which they can then book on behalf of their customers. All bookings can be entered by the travel agent into the bespoke backend panel provided to manage rentals and organise internal records.

We developed multiple backend web portals for this client, including Florida Travel Networks, Ocean beds and Goodlife Florida Villas, used exclusively by travel agents based on their desired location and travel networks.

In September 2017 the website was launched in the UK on the Dotsquares server. The US launch came later in August 2018 on an AWS server, and we are currently working with the client to prepare for the European product launch on AWS.

Our technical input allowed the client to go on to achieve the following;

  • Business expansion as a large distributive digital travel network across various locations in the UK and US.
  • Increase revenue generation due to greater availability and streamlined digital solution.
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Development Result

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