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Vallum Capital

  • Based: Mumbai
  • Industry: Fintech
  • Project Duration: February - October 2021
  • Development Model: Fixed Quote

Client Background

Vallum Capital Advisors develops customised, unconflicted Equity investment solutions for institutions, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. The advisory firm is Independent and privately held.

They serve as advisors and portfolio managers to advocate their clients with full discretionary management. Vallum has a proven track record in investments in the equity asset class. As more and more investors look to the potential of Portfolio Management to enhance portfolio performance and reduce portfolio volatility, expertise outside the traditional equity mutual fund style has become a critical element in improving investment performance.

Vallum Capital

Why did the client come to Dotsquares?

Mr. Pathella and his team liked the fact that we put them as the clients at the forefront of our services, which was a key factor when looking for a development partner for their business. From initially speaking to the sales team, through to the estimate received and discussions with the development team, Mr. Pathella said that "the overall service which the team provides has always been phenomenal." The domain knowledge showcased by Dotsquares set the bar high and was exactly what he was looking for. This gave him and his team confidence about the website development. The deliverables were well defined and we made sure that every step of the project was explained in detail.

Solution Delivered

Our experts here at Dotsquares used The MERN stack. This stack, in addition to utilising high-performance and specialised technologies, enabled the rapid development of a web application with minimised loading speed. From this website, users can now easily onboard on the Vallum portal and make further requests for add-on amounts, or partially withdraw and complete deduction. We have translated Mr. Pathella's requirements into specific technology project goals and milestones. Our roadmap and strategy helped with this specific delivery of technology and other components, and thus provided the desired solutions for him.

vallum capital

Technology used

  • checkMERN
  • checkExpress
  • checkNodeJS
  • checkMongoDB
  • checkReactJS


The Vallum website was already developed in WordPress but they needed an upgraded technology, so we had chosen MERN to provide them the secured solution.

With this technology, the client can now efficiently manage the onboarding process for their global customers. Admins can also now track all of the onboarded clients and can talk to other admin for support.

Vallum tracker has been introduced into the system with the help of which users can easily raise the requests for onboarding, for additional top-up requests on to the account, for partial withdrawal requests, or complete redemption requests.

vallum result

What the client has to say...

“A great website development experience. It was a joint effort by the complete Dotsquares team, I really appreciate their systematic working style. The head engineer for my project had a great knowledge base and a dedicated working style. The managers were always just one call away, great client recognition. Their guidance and support always helped in building a better product.”

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Vedant PathellaProject Manager, Vallum Capital

Vallum Capital

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