Travelon's Path to Digital Success.

Travelon Bags, known for high-quality anti-theft bags & accessories, expanded its audience significantly through various digital marketing campaigns executed by Dotsquares. The strategy involved drawing a solid digital marketing plan in the beginning of the year 2023, calculating projections & relevant marketing budgets for each marketing channel such as SEO, Google ads, Organic & Paid Social Media, Influencer Marketing, and Email Marketing.

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The Client

Travelon Bags is one of the biggest names in the Travel bags & accessories segment and had been a major player in the brick and mortar space for 40 years. They have a patented technology for anti-theft bags which elevates their products and brand, making them a preferred choice among consumers seeking secure and reliable travel gear. They have been awarded more than 130 patents over the years. They have been in the business since the late 1970s but started selling through their website from the last 5 years or so. They have expanded their audience significantly through various digital marketing campaigns executed by Dotsquares. The strategy involved drawing a solid digital marketing plan at the beginning of 2023, calculating predictive projection models and correlating relevant marketing budgets for each marketing channel such as SEO, Google ads, Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, and Email Marketing.

The Challenge

Despite being a big name on in the relevant categories, their website was not receiving the expected growth in terms of traffic & revenue. Here are our initial challenges when we started -

  • The company's website struggled with low search engine rankings, leading to restricted online visibility and a sparse influx of organic visitors.
  • Struggled to reach the intended audience due to a lack of social media strategies, resulting in the absence of a targeted approach.
  • The conversion rate was quite low because of poor page load speed & site navigation.
  • Ineffective customer engagement strategies, as there was no newsletter option to keep previous customers engaged & updated.
  • Without the detailed analytics provided by multiple tools, the company lacked substantial data on customer behaviour, hindering informed decision-making and effective strategy planning.

The Solution

Dotsquares began by conducting an audit of all their marketing channels, resulting in a strategic emphasis on receiving relevant website traffic from relevant marketing channels through organic & paid marketing methods. Our experienced team undertook content creation, link building, social media & email marketing activities to further enhance the website's visibility and reach. Starting with Influencer marketing was a major help in increasing the brand’s online visibility & awareness around its products.

Keyword Research:

Starting with in-depth keyword research, we provide the company with a diverse range of industry-related search terms. This strategic approach aims to enhance the company's online visibility and target relevant audiences effectively. Continuous auditing resulted in the the brands ability to

Competitor Analysis:

Through detailed competitor analysis, we gathered valuable insights into industry trends and competitors' strategies. By gaining this information, we optimised and enhanced our marketing approach to stay competitive in the market.

SEO Optimization:

Regular audits, analytics, and reporting were an integral part of our services, providing crucial insights into the website's performance and guiding future optimization efforts. This holistic SEO approach was customised to address the company's online challenges and drive organic growth. Additionally, we prioritise technical SEO to guarantee the Travelon website is technically sound, mobile-friendly with quick load speed, and improved online rankings.

Content Optimization:

Content development for social media, SEO and email marketing tactics are all effectively managed by our expert team. Regular audits, insights, and reporting has generated actionable efforts that ensure that the content strategy is aligned with Travelon’s business objectives.

Email marketing:

We execute strategic email marketing campaigns, including weekly newsletters, to keep the audience engaged and informed. This consistent communication is fostering brand loyalty and drives customer retention.

Social Media Ads:

Our team leverages targeted social media advertising to amplify the company's reach. By integrating insights from keyword research and competitor analysis, we tailor campaigns to resonate with the intended audience and their interests, and in turn maximises the subsequent impact of social media advertisements.

Google Ads:

By strategically implementing Google Ads, we further enhanced online visibility and drive targeted traffic, while optimising ad campaigns for optimal results.

Influencer Marketing:

Explore the potential of influencer marketing to amplify brand reach, building and leveraging influence a network of key industry individuals to connect with their broader audience.

Well done team Nikola - Manish Gujral Isabelle Travelon has had a comfortable relationship with Dotsquares for over a year. The team is very knowledgeable and skilled – each member in their respective discipline. The team leads are talented, resourceful, and strategically solid. We appreciate their accountability to reporting and ROI. With Dotsquares, our brand has enjoyed 100% growth in one year, and we're on track to do the same this year.

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The Results

Our top-tier Digital Marketing strategy has produced outstanding results for Travelon and One of the most significant effects has been an increase in organic traffic to the website. We successfully boosted the search engine ranking by employing extensive keyword research, on-page optimisation, and link-building tactics, resulting in increased online visibility and exposure to their target demographic.

Our digital marketing strategy has had an impact that extends beyond increased traffic as the conversion rates have escalated due to conversion-friendly websites, relevant traffic & improved user experience. This digital marketing approach led to remarkable growth across various key performance indicators.

- Key Achievements Include:

- Achieving a 100% growth in website traffic.

- Realising a corresponding 100% increase in revenue.

- Experiencing a remarkable 10x in engagements on marketing campaigns.

- Observing a 5x surge in searches for the brand name on the web.

- 30% increment in user time spent on the website.



Location: USA

Industry: Travel/E-commerce

Duration : 12 months +

Development: Blended Marketing


Search Engine Optimisation

Google Ads (PPC)

Organic Social Media

Paid Social Media

Influencer Marketing

Email Marketing


Google Ads


Tik Tok

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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