Niche Jewellery's Path to Business Expansion.

We created a custom e-commerce platform for a uniquely designed jewellery collection. To ensure that many people knew about it, we used modern online marketing techniques such as appearing at the top of search results and PPC strategies. This attracted a large number of visitors to the website and instilled the brand's name in the minds of jewellery enthusiasts.

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The Client

Niche Jewellery is a valued, family-owned jewellery business in Leigh. Their interest lies in crafting a collection that combines the attraction of current jewellery trends with the enduring refinement of timeless diamond pieces suitable for every occasion. At Niche, the devoted team meticulously hand-picks each designer and collection, forming close relationships with the brands as official stockists. Among the options, you'll find your ideal piece from top-tier brands such as Swarovski, Clogau, Sif Jakobs, Kit Heath, Jersey Pearl, Calvin Klein, and many more.

The Challenge

Niche Jewellery faced numerous hurdles in the industry. They required an excellent website to showcase their products, which resulted in dealing with complex web development challenges. The transition to online selling presented additional obstacles. They needed to make sure the website was user-friendly so that visitors could simply purchase jewellery online. So, they had to concentrate on making the website seem good and function properly.

The challenge extends to displaying delicate jewellery aesthetics, which requires high-quality graphics. Precise audience targeting is essential, necessitating specific techniques to reach those who are truly interested in the products. The competitive online marketplace emphasises the importance of digital strategic distinctiveness. Moreover, the challenge of analysing the return on investment (ROI) for marketing activities is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of the campaigns. Dotsquares provides Niche Jewellery with a full solution, including a strategic roadmap to resolve web development complexities, improve online exposure, and prosper in the competitive jewellery market.

The Solution

Dotsquares excels at providing complete and strategic digital marketing solutions. From utilising Magento technology for website design to providing specialised SEO and PPC solutions, our team of professionals guarantees that Niche Jewellery not only negotiates the difficulties of online exposure but also survives in the competitive digital landscape. Some of our major solutions include-

Magento Expertise and Website Design :

Dotsquares has a trained team that understands Magento technology, which served as the foundation for the website design process. Our journey begins with leveraging our team's skills to create a visually beautiful and user-friendly jewellery website that integrates flawlessly with the Magento platform's features.

Tailored SEO and PPC Solutions :

Currently, Dotsquares provides specialised SEO and PPC solutions for Niche Jewellery. Our expert goes above and beyond traditional tactics, managing everything from content generation and link building to the implementation of local SEO strategies. This comprehensive package guarantees a holistic and successful strategy for increasing web presence.

Comprehensive Keyword Research and On-Page Optimization :

Our digital strategy is built on detailed keyword research and on-page optimisation. We got deep into identifying and strategically incorporating essential keywords to ensure that Niche Jewellery’s website is search engine optimised. On-page SEO improves the website's structure, content, and meta tags, increasing its relevance in search engine results.

Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing :

Our team recognises the importance of visibility in digital marketing and approaches it holistically. We create relevant content and strategically generate links, which contributes to higher search engine rankings. Local SEO tactics are seamlessly integrated to address the increasing importance of location relevance in search inquiries.

Data-Driven Insights and Advanced Techniques:

We undertake extensive audits to discover areas for improvement and refine strategy accordingly. Consistent reporting provides transparency, providing our client Niche Jewellery with detailed insights into critical data like website traffic, conversion rates, and keyword rankings. Furthermore, the use of schema markup demonstrates our initiative of authentic SEO tactics.

With our effective solutions, we helped Niche Jewellery grow in the dynamic and competitive jewellery business. Our solutions fixed problems and made them an innovative brand online. Using smart techniques, they succeed in the digital world.

The client has shared that collaborating with Dotsquares has been both rewarding and commendable. They consistently conveyed their satisfaction with the services rendered by Dotsquares, offering resolute positive feedback and wholeheartedly endorsing our diligent efforts and accomplishments.

Katrina Sherwin

The Results

The finalisation of our efforts in crafting a customised website using Magento, as well as our marketing strategies, has led to the best outcomes for Niche Jewellery. The meticulously developed interface, together with our personalised SEO approaches, made a significant difference in increasing the client's brand visibility. This not only gave them a significant place in their business, but it also increased their entire brand status. The user-friendly design contributed to a pleasant customer experience, encouraging visitors and leaving a lasting impression to connect with the business. Our team have resulted in transformational outcomes for our clients. The strategic combination of strong SEO methods and well-planned PPC ads proved to be a game changer for the client.

We were able to increase sales by properly placing advertisements and adjusting campaigns. This not only enhanced the client's revenue sources but also strengthened their market position. The benefits go beyond just visibility. The increase in sales conversions immediately correlates to higher revenue streams for the client. Our strategy has shown to be a powerful driver of business success, giving a measurable return on investment while improving Niche Jewellery’s business.

To summarise, the considerable gains seen by our client in the marketplace demonstrate the effectiveness of our PPC and SEO strategy. From enhanced visibility and market reach to better sales conversions and revenue streams, our strategic approach has proven to be a critical driver of client success in today's competitive business world.



Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Jewellery Collection

Duration : 2021 July till present

Development : Offshore model


Website Development

Content Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Maintenance and Support




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