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Cosmic SMS

  • Based: United Kingdom
  • Industry: IT/Technology
  • Project Duration: September 2021 - Present
  • Development Model: Developer Only

Client Background

Phil Brogan and an experienced team of SMS and communications specialists noticed a sizeable gap in the market for SMS services within business. Having worked in the sector since 2004 some would say they are experts when it comes to understanding the functionality SMS plays within a business.

Cosmic SMS provide authentic and reliable SMS services to continually meet their customer's needs via Web SMS Send & Recieve and through their SMS API. When you need to get in touch with an audience promptly and also securely Cosmic SMS provide the ideal solution with no set-up or monthly on going charges.


Why did the client come to Dotsquares?

They had been looking for a software development partner to help upgrade their web-based business SMS platform for some time. Finding a company that could provide a high-quality solution, with fast delivery and at an affordable price was proving very difficult, until a chance internet search found Dotsquares. As always, first impressions count, and from the start, the experience with Dotsquares was a positive one.

The pricing model was also very reasonable, transparent, and flexible, but when they also factored in the speed of delivery, it was an extremely cost-effective approach for them. The package works well on every level.

Solution Delivered

Initially, the scope of the work was only to redesign a few pages on the Cosmic SMS website, but so pleased were the Cosmic team with the results, work started immediately on a complete redesign of the customer web SMS application, greatly improving the functionality and usability in the process. The Cosmic SMS team is now working with Dotsquares to completely redesign the Cosmic SMS public website, improving the visual look and messaging, with the aim of increasing visitor conversion rates.

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Technology used

  • checkJava

  • checkHTML


Results Pending...

As the work released live so far has been related to the back end web SMS service (for registered customers) not the public facing website at, we have yet to see what results have come to fruition.

However, the new version of the Cosmic web SMS service offers such big improvements over the old version that it will undoubtably help in keeping new and existing customers using the Cosmic SMS service.

cosmic sms

What the client has to say...

Excellent service, highly skilled and helpful team! This is the first time we have used Dotsquares. The initial contact was on the UK side who quickly understood our requirements and within 24 hours, the developers in India were working on the front-end design and build of our new messaging application. The team have been a pleasure to work with - the quality of the work and speed of delivery has been really impressive, and all done for a very reasonable price. We are very happy with the end result and will definitely be using Dotsquares again.

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