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PC Gaming Cases, boosted by Dotsquares' SEO campaign, expanded its reach through strategic website optimization. By focusing on keywords, meta tags, and compelling content, the brand experienced increased website traffic, heightened recognition, and a rise in revenue.


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Client Background

Founded in Scotland in 2016, PC Gaming Cases is a family-owned business that has grown into a leading distributor of high-end computer cases, power supplies, gaming monitors, and keyboards across the UK. They also offer an array of gaming equipment and peripherals, including gaming chairs, liquid coolers, cooler fans, and game cases. The company continue to draw loyal customers by keeping at the forefront of gaming technology, due to a diversified product collection and a commitment to innovation. Their customer-centric strategy and commitment to quality distinguish them from competitors, contributing to their success in the UK gaming market.

Why Did The Client Come To Dotsquares?

A company that does not use SEO confronts a number of serious hurdles in the digital realm. Some of the major challenges faced by PC Gaming Cases are:

  • Limited Online Visibility: The company's website struggled with low search engine rankings, leading to restricted online visibility and a sparse influx of organic visitors.
  • Difficulty in Reaching the Intended Audience: Without a solid SEO strategy, the company found it challenging to effectively target and attract its desired audience, despite the relevance and quality of its products.
  • Increased Dependency on Paid Advertising: In an attempt to drive website visits, the company was heavily reliant on paid advertising. While occasionally effective, this approach proved to be costly and unsustainable in the long term.
  • Inadequate Brand Authority: A strong online presence aids in building brand authority and credibility. PC Gaming Cases was facing difficulties in establishing itself as a trusted brand due to its weak internet presence.
  • Limited Customer Behaviour Insights: Without the detailed analytics provided by SEO, the company lacked substantial data on customer behaviour, hindering informed decision-making and effective strategy planning.
  • Ineffective Content Marketing: The efficacy of content marketing is tied directly to SEO. The company's content failed to reach its intended audience, leading to lacklustre content marketing campaigns

Solution Delivered

Dotsquares began by conducting comprehensive keyword research and implementing on-page optimization, providing PC Gaming Cases with a wide array of SEO solutions. The emphasis was on technical SEO to ensure that the company's website was technically robust, mobile-friendly, and fast-loading - key factors that influence search engine rankings.

Our experienced team also undertook content creation, link building, and local SEO strategies to further enhance the website's visibility and reach. Implementing schema markup was another critical step in our approach; this advanced SEO technique helped improve the search engines' understanding of the site's content, thereby aiding in better search result presentation.

Starting with in-depth keyword research and on-page optimisation, Dotsquares provides the company with a broad variety of SEO solutions. We prioritise technical SEO in order to guarantee that websites are technically sound, mobile-friendly, and load quickly. Content development, link building, and local SEO tactics are all done by our proficient team. Audits, analytics, and reporting on a regular basis provide insight into performance. Implementing schema markup improves search engine understanding.

Ongoing strategy and consultation aid in the adaptation to industry changes and algorithm improvements. We offer specialised SEO solutions to enhance search engine ranks and optimise clients' online presence, with an emphasis on driving organic traffic and establishing long-term online success.

Top SEO with proven results in a matter of a few months. Nemraj and his team do what they say and say what they do! If you need SEO these are the go-to guys.

Steve DavidsonPC Gaming Cases


Our top-tier SEO strategy has produced outstanding results for PC Gaming Cases. One of the most significant effects has been an increase in organic traffic to the website. We successfully boosted the search engine ranks by employing extensive keyword research, on-page optimisation, and link-building tactics, resulting in increased online visibility and exposure to their target demographic.

Furthermore, our SEO strategy has been critical in increasing brand visibility. Our client's brands have become more recognisable and respected in the gaming sector. PC Gaming Cases have achieved increased levels of audience engagement, longer website visits, and lower bounce rates by targeting an appropriate audience through effective optimisation. Furthermore, because of our emphasis on mobile-friendly optimisation, our client's websites operate well on mobile devices, catering to the expanding number of mobile visitors.

The company has increased their market share and generated considerable business growth by outranking its competition in search engine results.


Client: Steve Davidson

Location: Scotland, UK

Industry: PC Cases & Accessories

Duration: April 2021 to March 2023



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