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On Point Express collaborated with us to update their digital presence. Our services included a diverse approach, beginning with custom website design and development to comprehensive digital marketing services tailored to their specific business requirements. We created a platform that embraces their brand essence while assuring optimal functionality, with a focus on user-friendly interfaces and seamless navigation.

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The Client

On Point Express is your one-stop shop for international shipping, providing dependable parcel delivery worldwide. They priorities both speed and flexibility while providing unrivalled service. The distinguishing features include free packaging, easy slip writing, and a quick customs-clearing method. Experience seamless shipping by combining speed with adjustable service options. You can trust them to deliver the packages quickly and efficiently with a dedication to hassle-free customs procedures and client convenience.

The client expresses complete satisfaction with the provided services, finding the overall experience to be truly fulfilling. The high level of contentment is evident as he describes his joy with the service as quite profound, emphasising that the entire experience has been thoroughly pleasing.

Hitesh Shukla Founder (On point)

The Challenge

On Point Express faced challenges with website design, online presence, SEO ranking, consumer interaction, local targeting, and brand authority. The lack of a well-built, designed, and optimised website reduced marketing potential, destroyed the competitive edge and slowed conversions. This setback had an influence on overall growth and adaptation to dynamic digital trends. Some of the major challenges the company was facing were:

Limited Online Presence: The company was missing out on potential clients who look for services/products online.

Reduced Visibility:

The absence of SEO results in lower search engine ranks, making it more difficult for potential clients to identify On Point Express among competitors.

Inadequate Brand Engagement:

The company grappled with insufficient brand engagement, hampering customer connections. Challenges in social media interaction, content strategy, and inability to create compelling content hindered brand visibility.

Difficulty in Targeting Local Audience:

Failure to optimise Google My Business was leading to decreased visibility in local searches, affecting potential clients looking for services in their area.

Inability to Demonstrate Experience:

The organisation faced challenges in showcasing expertise due to the absence of blogs and optimised content. This lack hampered the demonstration of knowledge and skills, impacting overall credibility and market positioning.

Conversion Difficulties:

Conversion hurdles arise without a well-optimised website, making the transformation of visitors into consumers challenging.

Inability to Adapt to Changing Trends:

In an era where online presence and digital accessibility are integral to business success, the lack of a website can significantly hamper the company's ability to navigate and capitalise on evolving market trends.

The Solution

Dotsquares has played an important role in the growth of On Point Express by providing services such as website design and development, content management, SEO, performance optimisation, Google My Business (GMB) optimisation, blog page optimisation, etc. Our expertise in content management enabled us to create and edit website content with ease, assuring relevancy and timeliness. This flexible content approach had a big role in engaging and retaining their customer base.

The deliberate execution of our SEO services transformed On Point Express's online presence. We improved the company's search engine results by employing advanced SEO strategies, conducting thorough keyword research, optimising on-page elements, and crafting content that resonates with both search engines and users. Understanding the critical importance of website speed and functionality, our performance optimisation solutions focus on fine-tuning every aspect that contributes to a smoother user experience.

Furthermore, our knowledge of GMB optimisation was vital in increasing On Point Express's local visibility. Dotsquares enhanced its presence in local searches by utilising GMB capabilities. The company’s digital journey was revolutionised by Dotsquares' holistic approach to digital solutions. By carefully leveraging design, SEO, performance enhancement, localised exposure, and content strategy, we have not only improved the company's online presence but also propelled its growth.

The Results

The result of Dotsquare's services is exceptional. We created an entirely new web platform for On Point Express, commencing with website design and development. The user-centric website not only showcases its services but also enhances functionality, moreover improving user experience and expanding its audience. The combination of exceptional design, SEO techniques, performance improvements, and targeted digital marketing initiatives not only drew more visitors but also developed a stronger relationship with the audience, resulting in demonstrable business growth and market expansion for the company.

In responding to market demands, On Point Express displayed adaptability and agility. Dotsquares had a significant impact on increasing the courier company's web presence. Our search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics make the company's website more visible and accessible to potential clients looking for shipping and courier services online. This led to a significant boost in organic traffic, ensuring that the company appeared prominently in relevant search results. Our services enhanced the website speed, responsiveness, and overall functioning, assuring seamless navigation and increasing customer happiness.

This period of fast expansion also demonstrated their dedication to innovation. On Point Express developed itself as a dynamic participant in the courier sector by constantly developing its services and exploring new markets, setting it for future success and expansion with the help of Dotsquares.



Location: India

Industry: International Shipping and Logistics

Duration : May 2022 to present

Development : Onshore Model


Website Design & Development

Content Management

Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO)

Performance Optimisation

Google My Business (GMB ) Optimisation




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