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Consentz is a comprehensive healthcare clinic management software designed to cater to a wide range of users, offering an array of features to streamline every aspect of clinic operations. From appointment scheduling to billing, Consentz is your all-in-one solution for efficient and seamless healthcare management.

The Client

Consentz is a healthcare company that understand the unique needs of Practitioners, Clinic Admin, Patients, Super Clinic Admins, and Receptionist Coordinators. They specialised functionalities cater to each role, ensuring a seamless experience. Efficiency is at the core of their system, offering tools such as a dynamic calendar and a visual task board for effective task management. Patient management is simplified with features like profile management, appointment scheduling, medical records, and correspondence management. Empower their clinic with marketing features like prospects, campaigns, and email building, complemented by robust business management tools like invoicing, prepayments, and quotes. Their practitioners can take advantage of the Consentz iPad app, enabling them to manage clients’ appointments on the go. With multiple payment gateways, including Handpoint, and an extensive range of features, Consentz is a comprehensive healthcare website/ iPad App solution.

The Challenge

The Consentz needed a payment gateway that worked seamlessly for both online and offline transactions. While platforms like PayPal and Stripe were good for online payments, they didn't offer the same level of integration with physical point-of-sale hardware (card readers and terminals) commonly used in the UK. Furthermore, the company faced difficulties with managing appointment bookings, resource allocation, and conflict resolution. They needed a system that could optimise their scheduling process, minimise scheduling clashes, and maximise the efficiency of their resources. Additionally, they lacked a robust system for real-time updates and notifications between users (practitioners, administrative staff, and clients). This created communication gaps and hindered the flow of data, impacting overall efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

The Solution

Navigating the intricacies of the project journey required innovative solutions to overcome the distinctive challenges encountered as:

Payment Gateway Integration (Handpoint & POS):

Addressing both online and offline payment challenge. We approached integrating the Handpoint and POS payment gateways. We conducted a thorough analysis of the technical requirements of each gateway, ensuring compatibility with our system. Rigorous testing phases were implemented to verify the transaction process, prioritizing security, and enhancing the overall user experience. Ongoing collaboration with the gateway providers allowed us to troubleshoot and fine-tune the integration, resulting in a smooth and secure payment process that significantly improved the overall user experience.

Calendar Booking Management:

Efficient calendar booking management demanded the creation of a robust system capable of handling intricate scheduling scenarios. Our team designed a dynamic calendar system with advanced scheduling algorithms, allowing for the smooth coordination of appointments and resource allocation. Real-time updates and notifications enhanced communication between users and the system. Additionally, user-friendly interfaces were crafted for both practitioners and clients, ensuring a seamless booking experience. The iterative development process, incorporating user feedback, played a crucial role in refining the system, ultimately delivering a calendar management solution that streamlined the booking process and improved overall efficiency.

Graph-Building Process Implementation (Pie Charts and Column Graphs):

Implementing the graph-building process, encompassing elements such as pie charts and column graphs, involved meticulous attention to data representation. Our team employed cutting-edge visualization libraries and frameworks to create dynamic and interactive graphs. Customizable options were integrated to empower users to tailor visualizations to their specific needs. Rigorous testing and validation processes ensured the accuracy of data representation. The result was an intuitive graph-building process that presented complex data in a visually compelling manner, enhancing the overall analytical capabilities of the system.

The Results

The result has ushered in a transformative experience, particularly in the realms of revenue handling, management efficiency, scheduling, patient management, and reporting. These key aspects were approached with a keen understanding of the client's operational needs, resulting in solutions that not only addressed specific challenges but elevated overall organisational effectiveness.

1. Revenue Handling:

The implementation of streamlined revenue handling processes has been instrumental in simplifying the financial workflow for our client. By providing user-friendly interfaces and enhancing financial visibility and control, the project has significantly contributed to facilitating easy and efficient revenue management.

2. Efficient Management:

The quest for operational efficiency was met with the introduction of tools designed to simplify day-to-day management tasks. Intuitive interfaces were crafted, ensuring ease of navigation and execution of tasks.

3. Seamless Scheduling:

Revolutionising appointment management, the project introduced a dynamic scheduling system that streamlines the entire process. The aim was to reduce administrative burdens associated with scheduling and enhance the overall efficiency of the client's appointment management practices.

4. Enhanced Patient Management:

Patient care received a significant boost through the implementation of robust patient management tools. These tools provide easy access to patient profiles, appointments, and medical records. By enhancing patient management processes, the project contributes not only to the operational efficiency of the client but also to the overall quality of healthcare services provided.

5. Comprehensive Reporting:

The project has successfully delivered detailed and user-friendly reports. The streamlined reporting processes ensure quick access to critical information, enabling the client to make insightful decisions.


Company: Consentz Patient Management

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Medical & Healthcare

Duration : 1 Year

Development : Offshore Development


Custom Design

Website Development

iPad App for Practitioners

Customizable User Roles

Stock Control

Maintenance and Support


Symfony (PHP framework)

Angular JS


Payment Gateways Integration

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