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Ocean Holidays, founded in 2004, as a Teletext-based start-up to a travel powerhouse with four distinct brands—Ocean Florida, Winged Boots, Ocean California, and Ocean Beds—dominating the European direct-to-consumer market, luxury leisure, and global vacation home rentals. They have been partnering with Dotsquares for over 15 years to redefine travel excellence.

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The Client

Founded in 2004 with a visionary leap into the travel industry, Ocean Holidays embarked on a journey without a website, relying solely on a small team and Teletext for marketing. From these modest origins, the company has blossomed into a travel powerhouse boasting four distinctive brands. Ocean Florida stands as the largest direct-to-consumer Florida specialist in Europe, while Winged Boots takes the lead in curating personalised luxury leisure holidays. Notably, Ocean Beds has earned its place as the largest worldwide provider of Florida vacation home rentals to the global travel trade. And last, Ocean California, with 10+ years' experience, has sent 250,000+ passengers to the USA, offering unique ATOL-protected experiences, from 14-night road trips to five-night escapes in San Francisco.

The transformation from humble beginnings to a triumphant trio of travel brands is complemented by a fruitful 15+ years of collaboration with Dotsquares. Ocean Holidays, once a modest venture, has now evolved into a dynamic entity with a team that has grown from 5 to over 200 employees.

The Challenge

Before 2014, Ocean Holiday Groups encountered numerous challenges concerning lead generation, website traffic monitoring, and the absence of a comprehensive management and tracking system.

The company heavily relied on manual processes, such as follow-ups, lead capturing, and staff task allocation, since there was no automation platform available to manage leads, lead quality, and task assignments.

With a small team of only 2 to 5 people, the company struggled to capture potential leads due to slow response times and lack of automation processes.

As a result of their manual approach, the company suffered significant losses in capturing 20%-30% of leads or inquiries into the system.

Furthermore, there was no comprehensive reporting system in place to track agent performance, task execution, reminders, sales metrics, and profits, which led to productivity challenges due to the lack of control and monitoring of staff based on revenue growth.

The company also faced difficulties with their CRM system and managing multiple brands under Ocean Holidays necessitated centralising backend operations through a unified CRM system.

The Solution

Dotsquares collaboration with Ocean Holidays embarked on a transformative journey, rooted in a deep understanding of their operational needs. Through extensive meetings, including a two-week engagement at our India office, we gained insights into their challenges and aspirations. Advising the delivery of a comprehensive CRM system, named 'Journey CRM,' marked the inception of a dynamic solution.

  • A robust Booking and Management system was crafted to streamline various processes, including bookings, document management, payments, journey monitoring, customer service, feedback, and remarketing.
  • Task management related to ticket bookings was seamlessly executed and monitored through the intuitive “Journey CRM” interface.
  • Tailored to the specific needs of Ocean Holidays, the CRM system ensured that agents received inquiries and leads aligned with their working parameters and assigned regions, facilitating smoother operations and enhanced productivity.
  • The “Journey CRM” was developed to facilitate detailed tracking of all agent and staff activities about lead conversion.
  • The implementation of Journey CRM resulted in a significant reduction in lead drop rates, decreasing from 30% to a mere 2%, thus addressing a critical business challenge.
  • Additionally, a comprehensive reporting system was integrated, offering easy access to insightful reports covering agents, customers, sales, marketing, and more.
  • We seamlessly integrated the Journey CRM with all five marketing websites, enhancing its capability to handle a substantial volume of agents.
  • Furthermore, to enhance communication and resolution of customer queries, property matters, payments, and reporting, a ticketing system was introduced.
  • Real-time notifications features implemented to agents, covering call dates, follow-up information, and after-sales support, were implemented to minimise delays and optimise workflow.

In conclusion, Dotsquares solution, “Journey CRM”, not only meets client needs but exceeds expectations, bringing about a transformative shift in Ocean Holidays' operations, resolving challenges, and paving the way for sustained growth and success.

The Results

Ocean holidays have gone from strength to strength and have vastly expanded in the travel and tourism industry. This outstanding growth trajectory has solidified their position as industry leaders, with ongoing collaboration indicating a promising future filled with new challenges and continued success.

Since its establishment, Ocean Holiday Groups now have 4 sister brands, Ocean Florida, Ocean California, Ocean Beds, and Winged Boots. The organisation has not only expanded its business operations but has also earned awards such as the 'Best CRM Software' and the 'Rising Star of the Year.' also crowned with 'Champions of Data' in November 2021.

  • Generating an impressive 18k+ enquiries monthly.
  • Average bookings we receive in a month is 1400+
  • Total number of user visits in a month is 100k+
  • Started with a team of 2 to 5 people, but now the team size has grown to over 200+.

The Ocean Holidays team takes pride in the progress achieved through the developed system, allowing them to effortlessly manage their staff, track individual performance in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction, and maintain swift response times to every lead.


Parent website:


Sister websites:

https://www.wingedboots.co.uk/ https://www.ocean-florida.co.uk/ https://www.ocean-california.co.uk

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Travel & Tourism

Duration : Initiated in 2014 - Ongoing

Development : Onshore & Offshore Developers


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