A Single Platform To Streamline HR Processes For A Leading Indian Bank

One of largest public sector banks in India. Having banking subsidiaries in , with seven branches in the UK). With a huge retail banking network, it has more than 6950 branches, 180 million+ customers, and 13000+ ATMs across the globe.

Client Background

The client is one of the largest banks in the world with availability across every corner of India. Client is managing corporate banking, personal banking, rural banking, industrial finance, agricultural finance, and international banking. In addition to this, client operates multiple Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) in India.

Why Did The Client Come To Dotsquares?

The Bank wanted to make all of its HRMS-related tasks for its NINE Regional Rural Banks having around 4700 branches and around 18,000 employees more efficient and automated. The bank was looking for a platform that automates the whole HRMS system. The system to be a centralized online system with instant updation of information by the users of the different offices of the bank so that updated data is available and maintained. HRMS is to be used for manpower planning, training, appraisal & performance, promotions, payroll process, PF, loans, online submission of leave application etc. The databases of all the RRBs on a single setup with each RRB having its own individual database. The client wanted to manage all employee data on the same network with integration with their Core Banking system for a seamless payroll management. There was a need for making data available for every employee through the Employee Portal and on his Mobile App.

It was very difficult to manage bank payroll with manual vouchers and other HR-related tasks for every RRB. With a centralized integrated solution, there was a demand for a solution that can manage payroll, leaves, attendance, and other crucial human resource activities. They wanted one-stop data availability and to make the process smooth and available at all times.

Dotsquares team ensured time-saving processes with a cost-friendly approach for the HRMS platform.

Solution Delivered

Dotsquares .net experts designed an eHR solution for the client to manage employee data and automate time-consuming processes. It can improve the effectiveness of reporting solutions and enable RRBs to achieve better results for HRMS processes. With fewer resources to generate the same requests as the multiple platforms, it reduced overall maintenance and hardware cost while simplifying storage. We deployed a single application with the advanced tech stack using Intelligent live request routing and aggregated runtime statistics. We help the bank achieve optimal resource utilization, maximize request throughput, minimize response time, and avoid any type of server overload. With this, the bank is able to keep track of every employee's information and HRMS.

We have been able to get efficient with our HRSM activities and employee data using the eHR solution developed by team Dotsqaures. All of our preferences and requirements for data management and reducing manual tasks were satisfied with a single platform for multiple RRBs under our administration.


Dotsquares developed a single platform for the client where they could manage every HR process and manage employee data. With this, it became easy for the bank to generate reports and manage data according to RRB needs. The business complexities are reduced with a high-quality all-in-one eHR platform. The eHR app would run on a single server and a separate database for each RRB would be created on a single server. It helped the bank in reducing delays and inaccuracies in manual work and made processes automated while keeping everything organised. The bank reduced technical complexity and improved workflow.


Client: Largest Public Sector Banks In India

Location: India

Industry: Financial Services

Development: .net-based HRMS Solution


Asp .Net, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, Java Applets and Servlets, JDBC

SQL Server

HTML, Bootstrap


IIS, Application Request Routing, URL Rewrite

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