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We created a desktop application focused on simplifying spreadsheet conversion tasks. The application enables users to efficiently transform pivot table spreadsheets into predefined formats, with the added functionality of setting custom threshold values.

The Client

Strategic Estimating Systems (SES) is a leading global provider of economic evaluation solutions. It specialises in independent third-party cost estimation across various project stages. Based in Houston, TX, SES offers cost estimator training, software implementation, project management, and project controls.

I hired Dotsquares to help me develop an Excel automation tool that can automatically transfer and sort large sets of data from a pivot table into an Application Program Interface (API) spreadsheet

Before, the effort was intensely manual and labour intensive. It would take sometimes a day of two or rote manual work. Now, the task can be done in less than an hour as result of the tool Dotsquares developed for me.

The team was great to work with and even with the time zone difference (US central time versus India time), they were easy to coordinate and communicate with.

They delivered exactly what I was looking for.
I definitely plan on using them again for future programing and application needs”

Daniel Vehabovic

The Challenge

The client encountered difficulties efficiently converting pivot table spreadsheets into a predefined format. They needed customisation options based on specific criteria, including setting threshold values. Furthermore, they faced challenges in ensuring compatibility with predefined symbols and abbreviations for pipe fittings and excluding certain fitting types like PIV. Additionally, capturing IDs accurately from the pivot table without extra geographic identifiers proved manual and cumbersome. To streamline this process, the client sought a desktop application to automate tasks such as threshold setting, format conversion, and excluding specific fitting types, simplifying the entire conversion process.

The Solution

We developed a user-friendly desktop application for Windows and macOS to streamline a specific task for our client. This application allows users to seamlessly upload pivot table spreadsheets and convert them into a predefined format. The application automates this conversion process, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the client's requirements.

Users can set threshold values and even exclude specific fitting types for added flexibility through dedicated buttons within the interface. We also ensured easy access to the transformed files by providing the file path directly within the application. This eliminates the need for additional steps and simplifies the workflow for the client's team. Finally, the application captures IDs directly from the pivot table, eliminating the need to add geographic identifiers manually. This solution provides a robust, user-friendly experience streamlining the client's spreadsheet conversion process.

The Results

Our Excel automation application significantly transformed the client's workflow, enabling seamless transfers and sorting of large datasets from pivot tables into a defined format.

Previously, the process was labor-intensive time-consuming, and more of a manual effort. However, with the application developed the same task can now be completed in minutes, marking a remarkable increase in efficiency and productivity.

The tool streamlined the process and eliminated the need for repetitive manual work, allowing the client to focus on more strategic tasks. Overall, the successful implementation of the automation tool precisely met the client's needs, showcasing Dotsquares' ability to deliver effective solutions that drive significant improvements in workflow efficiency and productivity.


Company: Strategic Estimating Systems

Location: United States

Industry: Engineering

Duration : 1 month

Development : Off-Shore PM Role


Planning and Analysis

Application Design


Testing and Deployment




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