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Developed an online platform aimed at enhancing the pharmacy's visibility through digital branding and social media marketing. This initiative facilitates seamless medicine delivery to customers, thereby improving accessibility and fostering revenue growth.

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The Client

Coda Pharmacy, born from the union of Brighton's beloved Sharps and Gunn's pharmacies, embraces the future while holding to tradition. Driven by a dedication to customer convenience, they crafted an online platform where ordering prescriptions and health products is just a click away, 24/7. But they haven't forgotten the personal touch. Seamless technology seamlessly blends with friendly in-pharmacy care, ensuring exceptional service at every step of your journey.

The Challenge

Coda Pharmacy encountered a series of challenges that prompted the decision to extend its services online:

  • Convenience for Customers

    Coda Pharmacy aimed to establish a user-friendly platform, enabling customers to effortlessly order medicines with a simple click, thereby saving time and effort.

  • Accessibility

    With physical stores limiting reach, the company sought to overcome accessibility constraints by expanding its services online, reaching a broader audience.

  • Availability

    Recognising the need for flexibility, Coda Pharmacy aspired to offer 24/7 services, ensuring that customers could access their services at any time.

  • Streamlining Process

    Addressing inefficiencies in the ordering and GP approval processes was crucial. Coda Pharmacy sought to streamline the entire workflow to reduce processing time and enhance efficiency.

  • Revenue Growth

    Limited reach and accessibility posed challenges to revenue growth. By transitioning online, Coda Pharmacy aimed to overcome these limitations and stimulate increased revenue.

  • These challenges collectively underscored the imperative for Coda Pharmacy to embrace an online presence, marking a strategic move to address customer needs, enhance operational efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.

The Solution

We aimed to develop a platform which streamlines the prescription fulfilment process and allows users to register and browse medicines, generating requests sent to doctors for review based on their medical history. Approved prescriptions are digitally signed and forwarded to pharmacies, which fulfil orders and handle payment. This initial phase lays the foundation for a smooth, convenient experience. The platform is built with below features-

  • Patient Verification & Nomination
  • Medicine Search
  • Reminder for Medicine
  • Send Prescription to GP
  • Easy GP Search
  • Search Medicine by barcode
  • Questionnaire
  • A new workflow with existing data
  • Mobile verification of user

How we achieved this:

Dynamic approach

We have successfully proposed and integrated all the system features, resulting in a significantly improved user experience. By enhancing the system's dynamism, we have improved its usability and responsiveness.

Quality Assurance

To guarantee the delivery of a high-quality product, we have undertaken a range of testing methodologies. These include functional testing, device testing, regression testing, and performance testing. Our dedicated team has diligently identified any shortcomings in the testing process and worked collaboratively with the development team to implement optimal solutions to address them. By performing comprehensive testing, we have proactively taken steps to enhance the overall quality and reliability of the product.


The team has prepared several essential documents to ensure the successful development and implementation of the project. These include user manuals, software requirement specifications (SRS), wireframes, project plans, change request documents, and system design approvals. Through meticulously creating and reviewing these documents, the team has established a robust foundation for effective communication, clarity of requirements, and overall project management.

Server Infrastructure

The system is hosted on AWS, which offers a high level of security. By leveraging AWS services, we ensure that the system is hosted within a secure environment. For hosting static pages and storing legal documents, we rely on the secure and dependable AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service). The database accesses are not public, further enhancing the system's security measures. These combined factors contribute to the establishment of a secure environment for the system, safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of the data and providing users with peace of mind.

Working with Project Manager Gaurav Jagarwal was seamless. I could request adjustments to the website and app anytime via Skype or email, and Gaurav's quick responses allowed me to focus on my other business confidently, knowing the development was in capable hands.

Colin Dang

The Results

The adept creation of the Coda Pharmacy app and website resulted in outstanding customer service. The app garnered over 1000 downloads in a brief timeframe, signifying its popularity. The company also experienced a notable increase in revenue, showcasing the effectiveness of the newly developed platform. This comprehensive success underscores the fulfilment of all the pre-defined goals set by the company before engaging in our services.


Company: Coda Pharmacy Website

Location: UK

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Duration : 48 Months  

Development: Onshore PM & Offshore Development


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